Sony is Working on a Next-Gen VR Headset


Sony confirmed a long time back that the PS5 would support PSVR, but though they’ve made it clear that they have no intention to stop investing in virtual reality tech, they’ve also explicitly stated that they don’t see any reason to make a new headset to go along with the PS5’s release for the coming few years.

That said, it seems work on a new VR headset is now underway at Sony, with a new job listing (spotted by Upload VR) mentioning that work has begun on a next-gen VR headset. It’s worth noting that the listing is posted by Sony Corp, and not just their PlayStation division, so it’s possible that it’s not specifically a PSVR headset that this listing is referring to. Meanwhile, the listing also mentions that the VR headset is being made with “a view to five years from now”, so whatever this is, it will probably be a while before we see or hear anything concrete about this.

If it is indeed a new PSVR headset, hopefully, Sony will be making some significant improvements- and with the time and resources they’ve put into the VR space, it’s likely that they will do that. Patents over the months have suggested that they’re looking into a wireless headset and improved controllers, so here’s hoping.

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