Spiritfarer Out Now for Switch, Later Today for PS4, Xbox One and PC


Among the many sudden launches at the recent Nintendo Indie World Showcase was Thunder Lotus’ Spiritfarer. The mystical management game is out now for the Switch and will be coming to Xbox One, PS4 and PC today. It will retail for $29.99 and also be available for Xbox Game Pass for Console and PC.

Spiritfarer is about Stella, who ferries spirits into the afterlife while also taking care of them on her boat. Throughout the adventure, players will cook, befriend different spirits, mine, harvest and so on before saying goodbye. Stella is joined by Daffodil, who can also serve as a second player in co-op.

As you journey forth, the boat can be customized to your liking. Different activities and ways to spend time with the different spirits will lead to emotional moments and long-lasting memories. There’s even some platforming to be had as Stella explores the world around her. Stay tuned for more details and announcements from the Indie World Showcase.

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