Kao the Kangaroo Sneak Peak Gameplay Teaser

Kao the Kangaroo

Developer Tate Multimedia have released a small gameplay teaser for action-adventure Kao the Kangaroo (2021).

The series began in 2000 on the Dreamcast, seeing four games up to 2005. The #BringKaoBack began to spread on social media in early 2019, with Tate Multimedia releasing Kao the Kangaroo: Round 2 on Steam for free. Thanks to the surge of interest, a new game was announced to be in development in June of this year.

The new game will see Kao tracking down his missing sister, and discovering what happened to his father. To get through the fighting masters of the Dark Forest and the Eternal Warrior, and use some dark powers himself, Kao will need to train under Walt.

You can find the gameplay sneak peek below.

You can find an abridged rundown (via Steam) below. Editor’s Note: We have removed the emoji featured on the Steam store page listing.

  • Challenging Combat
  • 3D Platforming
  • Touching Story
  • Powerful Gloves
  • Mean Bosses
  • Dark Powers

more is yet to come – let us be mysterious for a while

Kao the Kangaroo launches 2021 for Windows PC via Steam.

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