Gamescom Opening Night Live Runs for 2 Hours, Features 38 Games

gamescom openig night live

The next big showcase event for this Summer is Gamescom Opening Night Live, which will kick off the three day digital event. Host Geoff Keighley has promised over 20 games with Season 2 of Fall Guys being one of the confirmed reveals. In a new series of tweets, Keighley has now confirmed that the show will run for two hours and include 38 games from 18 publishers.

First, some clarity: Though there will new games announced, this year’s show will provide updates for titles that have already been announced. As Keighley himself notes, “We aren’t ‘announcing’ 38 new games.” In the next tweet, he also confirmed that DOOM Eternal’s first expansion, The Ancient Gods, would be revealed.

While this does put a dampener with regards to any currently unannounced games, it does widen the field with regards to potential announcements. Of course, this doesn’t necessarily mean we’ll see the likes of FromSoftware’s Elden Ring or anything so keep those expectations in check. Gamescom Opening Night Live takes place on August 27th at 11 AM PT. Stay tuned for more details in the coming days.

A few things on #OpeningNightLive for Thursday:

– Show is LIVE from a studio in Los Angeles. We're being very careful, no live audience.

– Currently 38 games in the show from 18 different publishers.

– Expected run time: 2 hours.

More to share in coming days!

— Geoff Keighley ? Opening Night Live (@geoffkeighley) August 23, 2020

There will be some new game announcements, but like #OpeningNightLive last year, the show is primarily focused on updates from announced titles. So no, we aren't "announcing" 38 new games.

— Geoff Keighley ? Opening Night Live (@geoffkeighley) August 23, 2020

So far we have announced the reveal of the DOOM Eternal Campaign Expansion, and the reveal Season 2 of Fall Guys for Thursday. There will be much more to share in coming days on other titles!

— Geoff Keighley ? Opening Night Live (@geoffkeighley) August 23, 2020

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