Splinter Cell is Coming Back… as a Netflix Anime

splinter cell

Splinter Cell, one of Ubisoft’s most beloved properties, has been on a hiatus for a long time now, and fans have been asking for a new mainline game in the series for years. So of course, Ubisoft is making a Splinter Cell anime.

As reported by Variety, Ubisoft and Netflix are teaming up to make an anime based on the popular stealth franchise. The is apparently being helmed by Derek Kolstad, best known for writing the John Wick films (as well as the upcoming Just Cause film). He will reportedly be serving as the series’ writer and executive producer. Additionally, it seems like the series has been greenlit for two seasons, and a total of 16 episodes.

As for when we might expect an actual new game in the series, that’s anyone’s best guess. Ubisoft CEO Yves Guillemot has said that Ubisoft is considering “some new type of experiments” for Splinter Cell on “different devices”, which was followed by reports of a VR-exclusive game being in development. Recently, Sam Fisher’s Italian voice actor Luca Ward said that a new game in the series is scheduled for 2021.

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