Splinter Cell’s Sam Fisher Returns In Rainbow Six Siege, Full Reveal Set For August 16

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Many moons ago, the Splinter Cell series was one of Ubisoft’s premier series. The stealthy action game series helped to define two different console generations with secret action Sam Fisher, but has gone dark since 2013. Since then, the character has been popping up in various ways. He was a guest in Ghost Recon twice, he’s getting his own Netflix anime series apparently, and now it seems he’ll be coming to another Tom Clancy-based game.

Ubisoft revealed a new trailer revealing that Sam would be coming to Rainbow Six Siege. This was somewhat teased a few months ago when it was said that guest characters could be coming in as agents at some point. Fisher looks and sounds quite a bit different here, looks like a potentially much younger rendition of the character.

There are rumors out there that a new Splinter Cell game is in the works, but much like the Prince of Persia series, it feels like it’s wishful thinking at this point, but you never know. Clearly, Fisher isn’t retired just yet. The full reveal for him in Rainbow Six Siege will come on August 16th.

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