Amazon Is Rebranding Twitch Prime To Prime Gaming

In Its Prime

According to an industry leak, Amazon is to rebrand its Twitch Prime gaming service as Prime Gaming. This is intended to bring the service in line with other Prime benefits such as Prime Music and Prime Video.

What does the Prime Gaming rebrand mean?

This news comes from prominent industry insider and esports analyst Rod Breslau, tweeting as @Slasher. According to Breslau, Amazon will rebrand Prime Gaming to "make it clearer" to members that this service is included as part of an Amazon Prime membership. Documents Breslau shared on Twitter say that the Prime Gaming rebrand will offer "more chances" for streamers to grow viewership, presumably because more people will take advantage of Twitch Prime (or Prime Gaming) benefits.

What will this change?

It's worth noting that this won't actually change anything about what Twitch Prime currently offers. Right now, if you're an Amazon Prime subscriber, you can get a series of benefits from Twitch. These include a monthly sub to a Twitch streamer's channel, a selection of PC games, and in-game boosts and bonuses. When Twitch Prime becomes Prime Gaming, you'll still get all of these things, so nothing's actually changing about the service functionally.

It's not yet clear exactly when the rebrand will go ahead. If Breslau's info is to be believed, Amazon is planning an announcement for 1pm EST. We'll have to wait and see whether there's more info contained within that announcement. Until then, if you're a Twitch streamer, get ready for a change, albeit a relatively minor one.

How do you feel about Twitch Prime rebranding? Let us know in the comments below!

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The current logo for Twitch Prime


Amazon Is Rebranding Twitch Prime To Prime Gaming

In Its Prime

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