Star Citizen Developer (Kind Of) Provides Update To Roadmap And Squadron 42

Star Citizen is one of the most bizarre stories in the gaming world. The game technically still isn’t out of its official Alpha phase, but has managed to raise over $300 million dollars in crowd funding, and to be honest, I’m not sure what people expect out of this project at this point. It’s been a strange and long drawn out process, but it seems at least some people are wanting some answers, specifically about the single player portion of the game, Squadron 42, which was at one point targeting a beta for Q3 2020 (despite the full title still being in Alpha). And now, after many questions, they have provided an update…sort of.

Squadron 42 was meant to be a cinematic single player experience with some Hollywood talent such as Mark Hamill and Gary Oldman, but ever since a delay, there has been complete radio silence from developer Cloud Imperium, and in response to fans wondering just what is going on, they posted on their official website with an update, or kind of an update, for the roadmap for both Squadron 42 and the general game. You can see the full ‘notes’ below or read them here, but it seems as if they are going to update to a new Roadmap, which they will then eventually transition into, of which they plan to show a rough mock up to fans at some undetermined point.

Star Citizen has always been in an odd spot as a project, with many critics seeing it as a project that a lot of money is being pumped into with backers who will probably never see a true and full realized project. But the world of game development is also in a tough spot with COVID reeking havoc on production across the world. I don’t know enough about the workings of Star Citizen or its fans to say one way or another, but if you want to see how fans are taking it, just garner at that blog post responses to get an idea.

  • Give an explanation of the goals of the new Roadmap and what to expect from it
  • Show a rough mockup of the proposed new Roadmap
  • Share a work in progress version of the Roadmap for at least one of its core teams
  • And then finally transition to this new Roadmap

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