Star Renegades Launches on September 8th for PC

Star Renegades_01

Massive Damage Games’ sleek looking strategy RPG Star Renegades releases on September 8th. This is for PC via Steam and it retails for $24.99. PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch versions are set to launch later this year. Check out the latest trailer below which is full of gameplay and gorgeous pixel art graphics.

Taking place in space with a resistance hellbent on toppling an empire, the campaign consists of procedurally generated missions and encounters. Players will participate in turn-based battles but as they grow stronger, so will their enemies. The Adversary System ensures that enemies evolve and rank up, resulting in subsequent playthroughs being tougher.

As you die and start another playthrough, you’ll gain different characters (like the rebel Wynn Syphex) to use. Any squad members that survive could have children, whose descendants will join the ongoing conflict. With plenty of equipment to find and upgrades to unlock, Star Renegades promises to keep RPG fans busy. Stay tuned for more details en route to the game’s launch.

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