Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League Writer Asks For Name To Be Taken Off Project

Suicide Squad

It’s been half a decade now since we last saw a full production from Rocksteady, the developer behind the popular Batman: Arkham franchise of titles. We now officially know that their next game will be Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League and will be revealed this weekend at the DC FanDome event. But in the lead up to that, there’s been some explosive allegations against the studio and its treatment of employees. A very lengthy letter was revealed detailing that via The Guardian, which you can read more about through here. Well, it remains to be seen what will be done, if anything, but it seems that the woman behind the letter, and a writer on the game, wants their name off the whole affair.

Shortly after the article referenced above came out, Ex-Rocksteady writer Kim MacAskill posted a lengthy video about it. She revealed there that the original 2018 letter was penned by her, and she suspects it was one of the reasons the company left her go in 2019 when she was told they could no longer afford her. She goes on to say that she’d hope things would improve, but claims they have not, which has lead her here now. You can see the whole video below.

Maybe one of the most interesting aspects is that she asked Rocksteady to take her off the credits for the upcoming Suicide Squad game, saying she doesn’t want the association with the game or the company any longer. Just for reference, it’s been rumored this game has been in development as early as 2016. So that’s 3-4 years of a project MacAskill is asking to be removed from.

Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League will be officially revealed this Saturday, August 22nd, at DC FanDome. It’s unclear at this point if any of this will be addressed or not at the event in question.

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