The Outer Worlds – Switch Patch Out on October 21st, Improves Visuals

the outer worlds

Obsidian Entertainment’s The Outer Worlds was critically and commercially acclaimed when it launched on Xbox One, PS4 and PC last year. But the same couldn’t be said for the Switch version, which released earlier this year and was criticized for its visuals. Developer Virtuos has been busy though and has a new patch on the way to improve graphical fidelity.

As revealed by the game’s official Twitter, the patch will go live on October 21st with a sale happening on October 22nd. Though more details will be provided soon, the image comparison shows quite the difference in quality. Environments have way more objects and appear more detailed overall.

Of course, that’s not all. The Outer Worlds will also be coming to Steam later this week, ending its one year timed-exclusivity on the Epic Games Store. We’ll see how it fares with users on October 23rd. Stay tuned for more details in the meantime and check out our review of the game here.

The Board is excited to announce that employees on the Nintendo Switch platform can expect to see a patch reach their device on Oct 21st!

We are also recruiting new employees to join us on the Halcyon Colony, so get ready to take advantage of a sale on the Switch on Oct 22nd! pic.twitter.com/1efUFBNWsv

— The Outer Worlds (@OuterWorlds) October 16, 2020

More details on what is included in the Nintendo Switch patch will be released soon, but for now, you can enjoy this image showing off some of the visual changes.

— The Outer Worlds (@OuterWorlds) October 16, 2020

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