The Witcher Fan Makes Hilarious Birthday Cake for Their Boyfriend

A good relationship requires patience, respect, and mutual understanding. A great relationship requires a sexy Geralt cake. Hey, those are the rules. While many have impressed their significant others with wonderfully nerdy shows of affection such as creating a whole dang game to propose, it seems love comes from a different place with this latest romantic gesture. Namely, it comes from a tiny chocolatey bathtub inspired by The Witcher.

One particularly clever baker decided to surprise their boyfriend with a cake inspired by Netflix's The Witcher series. What part of the series inspired the cake? Why the part of the series that inspires pretty much everything else. This wonderfully nerdy confection uses low-tech methods to recreate that famous bathtub scene, which not only appeared in both the show as well as The Witcher III: Wild Hunt but became notorious enough to earn its own collectible Geralt figurine.

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Reddit user OptimusTidus, whose username may or may not inspire a slightly worrying new fanfiction craze, is the mastermind behind this tempting treat. Using naught but some paper, a brace of KitKat bars, and perhaps the most thematically appropriate rubber ducky one could imagine, they transformed what was surely already a delicious spongy dessert into a next-level show of affection. The boyfriend was surely most pleased. Maybe some Pokemon-based food should be their next project.

I made a birthday cake for my boyfriend, I think the rubber ducky made it from

The KitKat bars surrounding the cake make for a surprisingly faithful recreation of Geralt's wooden bathtub, while the cutout of Henry Cavill's take on the titular Witcher sets the scene perfectly (albeit only from certain angles). But what really makes the piece is the unicorn-styled rubber ducky, adding that bit of whimsy to the diorama while offering a callback to a certain unicorn-centric moment between Geralt and Yennefer, as seen in The Witcher III. Don't worry, the cake is probably at least slightly more sanitary.

Food always makes for a fascinating creative medium, and that idea is only enhanced when it's used to create fan art like this. It's one thing to simply use a cake to make an homage to one's favorite Disney movie or something similar. But it's another thing entirely to take full advantage of the medium, creating something hilarious and unique. OptimusTidus has accomplished the latter, possibly setting a new precedent for future birthdays that may never be topped.

Here's hoping that any future cookbooks inspired by the game and series include something similar, not unlike the Destiny 2 book of recipes. It may not be lore-accurate, but it looks very much mouth-and-tummy welcome. In the end, art is supposed to satisfy, and this is certainly now one of the preferred ways to do that.

The Witcher season 1 is now available on Netflix.

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Source: OptimusTidus/Reddit

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