Top 6 Fall Guys Stages

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Falling for Fun

Everyone has their favorite courses from shows like Wipeout. You know those types of shows—the ones that feature outrageous obstacles and even more ridiculous contestants? That's certainly the case for Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout. And indeed, with more than 1.5 million players having tried it, everyone has their preference of levels. With over 20 Fall Guys courses, I can say with certainty that team courses won't make our list of the best levels. Now it's much easier to narrow down the results. Take a look at TechRaptor's top 6 Fall Guys courses below.

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6. Slime Climb

There's no doubt about it, Slime Climb is one of the community's favorite maps. It has a little something for everyone, be it the encroaching pink slime, swinging balls, or punching walls. For sure, the best part about Slime Climb is that there are so many different obstacles in one. The walls that push in and out is hilarious as less agile players flail on the ground and try again and again. The giant balls that are released down a slope offer some fun challenges where you might even be able to screw a few fellow players up. At the end of the stage right near the finish line, you're also able to grapple players and make them slide off the edge. It's tough, but if you can pull it off, it's comically devious. Offering up a helping dose of varied obstacles solidifies this stage as one of the best in Fall Guys.

5. Dizzy Heights

Dizzy Heights is a stage that has a lot of speed to it, which is especially fun when you're an otherwise slow little jellybean man. This course features various spinning circle-platforms at the beginning, middle, and end. In the middle part of the stage are cannons shooting giant, colorful balls down on players. It's fun to watch others get wiped out by these balls, as though they think running headfirst into them is going to somehow help. At the end are even more balls as well as huge spinning platformers that they travel on. It's a bit tricky to get around them, but combined with the spinning conveyor belts, it adds just the right amount of challenge and fun.

I mentioned speed, and what I mean is that when you go in the direction of these spinning circles, you go a lot faster than normal. Many players try to work against the current and end up falling behind, which means this is a relatively easy game to win. I also appreciate the layout of this one a lot. It's a straight shot to the finish, but with the placement of obstacles you'll actually end up running left and right a lot more than just completely forward. Encountering Dizzy Heights is always a joy.

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4. Hex-A-Gone

Hex-A-Gone is one of three different finales in Fall Guys. If you're not that great at the game, you probably won't encounter finales like this one too often. If that's the case, keep trying and you'll get better (and read up on our beginner tips). If you do make it to Hex-A-Gone, you're going to be met with a treat. This level has several layers of hexagonal platforms comprised of a bunch of smaller hexagons. When you step on an individual hexagon, it disappears after a short moment.

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This is a fantastic stage, as you have to both focus on your survival and also make split-second decisions on how to screw over other players. When you think you're doing well and have a lot of space, one player will drop down, run around frantically, and heavily decrease the remaining surface area. Are you going to take them out by running in front of them or cutting them off? Or are you going to continue on your path? Whatever happens, if you win this one, you'll get yourself a crown. The taste of victory is so much sweeter when you survive the madness that is Hex-A-Gone.

3. Fall Mountain

Speaking of victory, Fall Mountain is the quintessential Fall Guys ending stage. I truly wish more stages were like Fall Mountain. To begin with, it's taller and steeper than other stages. Fall Mountain is true to its name. You'll run up an incline while avoiding an unrelenting torrent of balls. The spinners being hit by the balls can be dangerous as they work against you, so you have to be quick to get past these. If you manage to get past the balls without falling behind, you're in the home stretch. The spinning bumpers bar your way from the steps to the crown, and many other players struggle to get past these. Because people struggle, it makes it kind of funny if you're able to get ahead.

The climb up the steps and to the crown is another spectacle. When there's multiple players rushing to the finish, panic sets in. The cake on top is when players forget to grab the crown (read the directions, folks) and pitifully fall down on the belt below. Once again, victory is so sweet when you grab that crown. It's the perfect finale for a Fall Guys match. Certainly better than the loathsome Royal Fumble. Now, let's not speak of that one again.


2. Roll Out

Roll Out is one of those stages that I wish we could see in real life. Three sections of a cylinder roll in different directions. Each cylinder has obstacles like gaps, walls, or bumpers in between. It's certainly one of the most chaotic stages in Fall Guys, especially when you have dozens of players. I suppose the thing I appreciate the most is that Mediatonic created so many obstacles within a seemingly small space. As I mentioned, there's gaps, walls, bumpers, and the whole spinning part of the map. It's a condensed, claustrophobic mess that I find delightful. There's some heavy bias on my part for Roll Out, but it's one I liked since the beta.

1. Hit Parade

It's not The Whirlygig, nor the infamous See Saw stage. The top Fall Guys stage is Hit Parade. Hit Parade is the proof of concept for Fall Guys. It captures whatthe game is all about by just beating on the player non-stop. As one of the first levels players encounter, Hit Parade is packed with people. This makes it quite a sight as so many people fall below in the first area or get knocked off the edge near the end.

Breaking down the layout of the level, players first rush across some narrow beams and then onto a platform at the end. If you fall while attempting this obstacle, it's in a pit of pink slime. Honestly, failing here happens frequently due to the influx of players on the beams. Up next comes spinners that need to be pushed. Hilarity ensues when either side of the spinner is being pushed by players, so it just doesn't move at all. My favorite part has to be what comes after, which is essentially two large blocks opening and closing. Trying to squeeze through once it opens results in a massive pileup of players that I like to leap over like it's some sort of NFL match. Hit Parade encapsulates all of what Fall Guys stands for, which is why it gets top marks.

What's your favorite Fall Guys stage? Do you agree with our list? Let us know in the comments below!

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Top 6 Fall Guys Stages

Falling for Fun

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