Top tips for playing Animal Crossing: New Horizons with friends




When it comes to having fun in Animal Crossing: New Horizons on Nintendo Switch, it’s always better with friends! Whether you’re visiting someone else’s island or inviting them to yours, there are so many things you can do together – and we’ve got some ideas to get you started!

So, how does multiplayer work?


Simple! Head to your airport and talk to Orville to get started. If you’re acting as the host, select “I want visitors” or, if you want to visit a friend’s island, choose “I wanna fly!” instead. He’ll ask a few questions and then you’re off!

Connecting with other players online requires a Nintendo Switch Online membership, or alternatively you can play via local wireless with people nearby*. Up to eight people can party together on one island at the same time.

Fun things to do with friends!

So, you’ve made it to your friend’s island…but now what? If you’re stuck for ways to play together, here are a few things to get you started:

Trade items – Everyone loves presents! Hop on over with some spare items, fossils or DIY Recipes to either trade or just share. Don’t forget that your island’s native fruit always makes a nice gift to someone who doesn’t have that fruit yet, or you can sell it for more Bells at your friend’s Nook’s Cranny store than you would on your island.


Talk to the residents – Get to know the locals and become friends with them. If you spot smoke coming from a chimney, it means someone’s indoors. If you catch them making something, you can get a DIY Recipe too!


Go on a shopping spree – Check out the Nook’s Cranny and Able Sisters stores on other islands, as they’ll often have different items to your island’s stores (and different colour variations, too!). If Kicks, Leif or Redd are visiting your friend’s island, you can also browse their wares too.


Host your own events – Feel like throwing a birthday party? A fashion show? A late-night fireside camp-out? Then do it! Decorate the island, invite your friends and enjoy any event that takes your fancy.

Create games to play – Set up a treasure hunt, a hedge maze or an obstacle course for others to beat. Use the Timer item to see who can catch the most fish or bugs in three minutes. Play a game hide and seek, tag or whatever takes your fancy!


Check for special visitors – If CJ’s hosting a Fishing Tourney or Flick’s running a Bug Off, you can enjoy those events with others as a team. Alternatively, play the Stalk Market with friends: buy from Daisy Mae on an island with a low turnip price and then, when you or your friends have a high price at Nook’s Cranny, get together for a turnip-selling party!


Go stargazing – If Celeste is wandering your island at night, invite friends over for a stargazing party! As well as getting a DIY Recipe by talking to her, everyone can watch for shooting stars. To wish upon a star, make sure you’re not holding any items, tilt the camera upwards, then press the A Button when you see one shoot across the sky. Check your island’s beach the next day and you’ll find rare Star Fragments!


Become Best Friends – You can use the Best Friends app on your NookPhone to add people you’re playing with to your Best Friends list. This not only lets them access tools like axes and shovels while on your island, but also lets you see when they’re online, send them messages via the app and even buy them presents for delivery directly from Nook Shopping at Resident Services.

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