Total War: Troy Will Let You “Rewrite” One Of History’s Greatest Conflicts





Total War developer Creative Assembly is taking the historical war series to Ancient Greece for its next installment, A Total War Saga: Troy. The game arrives on the Epic Games Store later this summer, and we got to see some new footage of it and learn some new details during the PC Gaming Show.

Total War Saga: Troy casts you in the role of Odysseus, who famously invaded the namesake city by arriving inside a giant wooden horse. Creative Assembly says the game will allow you to “rewrite the events of one of the greatest conflicts ever told.”

You can launch your attack on Troy in “three ingenious and equally devastating ways,” which Creative Assembly says are “all based around prominent theories from throughout the ages as to what the iconic Trojan Horse really resembled.”

The Siege Horse envisions the Trojan Horse as a battalion of mobile towers that your army can scale to directly attack the city. The Gift of the Greeks approach lets you sneak your troops into the city under the cover of night. The final approach is called Wrath of Poseidon, where Troy has been ravaged by earthquakes, allowing you to send your troops in and take the city.

A Total War Saga: Troy releases on the Epic Games Store on August 13, and it will be completely free to claim for 24 hours when it launches. The game will be exclusive to Epic’s storefront for a year and will come to Steam in Summer 2021.

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