Versus Tales X Pre-Registration Gets You Ready for Naughty Fairy Tales


Red Riding Hood Isn’t So Little on Nutaku

Adult gaming distributor Nutaku is spinning up a lot of free-to-play games lately and yet another one is on deck: the Versus Tales X pre-registration period is now open.

What’s Versus Tales X all about? The fairy tales of the world come to live in Otogiland, a mystical realm born of human imagination. Where there is good, there must be evil, and so you must journey into this land to defeat the forces of darkness!

Nutaku Versus Tales X Pre-Registration slice
I guess there’s gameplay, too? I’m kind of distracted for some reason.

Players will command a squad of characters based on classic fairy tales like Little Red Riding Hood and Cinderella. This being a Nutaku game and all, that means that these ladies aren’t quite as wholesome as your childhood stories.

That also means that there are going to be some steamy sex scenes in the game and the devs of this upcoming title aren’t holding back: there are going to be more than two hundred different H-Scenes available in this title. The Versus Tales X pre-registration page also boasts that each and every one of these sex scenes are going to be fully animated.

Sign Up For Versus Tales X Pre-Registration, Get Gems and More!

This pre-reg program is a little more complex than usual; players can score bonuses depending on the total number of people who pre-register for Versus Tales X and the completion of other milestones.

Pre-Registration Sign-Up Rewards

As more people pre-register, everyone gets more rewards!

  • 10,000 Pre-Registrations – 50 Star Gems Premium Currency
  • 20,000 Pre-Registrations – 100 Star Gems
  • 30,000 Pre-Registrations – 150 Star Gems
  • 40,000 Pre-Registrations – 200 Star Gems
  • 50,000 Pre-Registrations – Exchange Ticket for a character of your choice

Pre-Registration Retweet Rewards

Everyone will get the following rewards based on the number of retweets for the tweet embedded above:

  • 100 Retweets – 3 Skill Fairy M
  • 300 Retweets – 5 Skill Fairy M
  • 500 Retweets – 10 Skill Fairy M
  • 700 Retweeets – 3 Skill Fairy L
  • 1,000 Retweets – 5 Skill Fairy L

Pre-Registration Gacha Rewards

The pre-registration page also has a special gacha where you can unlock characters; even more rewards will be made available based on the number of total draws in this pre-launch gacha system. Furthermore, future players can get more gacha draws based on the total number of retweets.

  • 50,000 Draws – 1 Premium Ticket
  • 100,000 Draws – 2 Premium Tickets
  • 200,000 Draws – 3 Premium Tickets
  • 300,000 Draws – 4 Premium Tickets
  • 500,000 Draws – 5 Premium Tickets

And that’s it for the breakdown of the rewards you can get! As always, keep in mind that this is a free-to-play game; there’s obviously a gacha system (kind of like loot boxes) built in, so you will have the opportunity to spend a few bucks to unlock stuff faster if you’d like to.

If this game seems like your kind of jam, you can sign up for the Versus Tales X Pre-Registration on Nutaku right now [NSFW] and get some great bonus items when this game launches! We can’t say for sure when it’s going to launch, but it probably won’t be more than a few weeks. In the meantime, you might also want to pre-register for Nutaku’s other upcoming games MagicAMI DX and Kink Inc. while you can!

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