Stardew Valley Collector’s Edition is Finally Coming in 2020


Pre-Order Now and Score a Cool Bonus

A Stardew Valley Collector’s Edition is on the way and up for pre-order after literally years of demand. For the first time ever, fans of farming RPGs can pick up a physical copy of this great game for Nintendo Switch — and the Collector’s Edition has a ton of cool goodies included!

If you don’t know what Stardew Valley is all about, then I’m sorry to say that we can’t be friends. I like having friends, so that’s why you should check out the trailer for the Stardew Valley Collector’s Edition to get a feel for this game’s vibe:

Stardew Valley is a farming RPG in the finest of forms that follows many conventions of the genre. You inherit a farm from your deceased grandfather and leave the drudgery of your office job behind to start a new life in this small, peaceful town.

Players can farm crops, raise animals, fight monsters in the mines, fish, and make friends in town! You can do none of these things or all of these things at your own pace. Or, you can be an idiot like me and min/max yourself to death for many sleepless nights in a row as you amass a fortune. It’s cool to play either way!

Now, the game’s creator Eric “ConcernedApe” Barone has announced that FanGamer has cooked up a physical edition of the game for Nintendo Switch.

Stardew Valley Collector's Edition slice

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What Do You Get in the Stardew Valley Collector’s Edition?

If you’d just like to get a physical copy of the game, you can pick up the Stardew Valley Standard Edition for PC or Nintendo Switch. That’ll net you a game case and either a Nintendo Switch cartridge or a disc with the game and all of its Content Update 1.4 content. (Naturally, future updates must be downloaded over the Internet.)

The physical edition will cost you $29–$34, but springing for the Collector’s Edition will get you a ton of cool physical goodies. Here’s what you can get with the Stardew Valley Collector’s Edition for $64–$69:

  • A Nintendo Switch cartridge or a disc featuring the
  • A wooden standee diorama featuring animals and scenery from the game.
  • A wooden lapel pin.
  • A Junimo Comic authored by Chihiro Sakaida.
  • A deed to your farm.
  • A cleaning cloth.
  • A Collector’s Box.
  • A bonus poster (until August 15, 2020).

As a bonus, pretty much everything in this Collector’s Edition is responsibly sourced, using renewable and recyclable products where possible. All of the Collector’s Edition components are manufactured in the United States, UK, and Japan with minimal usage of plastic, too.

If you’re a super-fan of Stardew Valley (or you just haven’t yet picked up the game for some reason), this upcoming release would be a great way to play it! You can pre-order the Stardew Valley Collector’s Edition on Fangamer starting at $29 or your regional equivalent. You can expect this game to ship on November 6, 2020.

What do you think of the Stardew Valley Collector’s Edition? Is having responsibly-sourced materials important to you? Let us know in the comments below!

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