Void Trrlm();//Void Terrarium Is Available Now on Switch

Void Trrlm();//Void Terrarium might look like a mouthful to pronounce, but the roguelike title brings some very interesting mechanics to the table that fans of the medium will want to sit up and take notice of. In Void Trrlm();//Void Terrarium, players must guide a maintenance robot to help take care of the last, living human in the world. Give it a look:

Apparently, The Last of Us Part II isn’t the only apocalyptic game involving fungus, as the robot protagonist must work to bring Toriko, who has mushrooms growing out of her body, back to full health. Building and decorating Toriko’s terrarium is an essential part of making that happen. Exploring the surrounding wasteland will yield all the materials that the robot needs, but they’re inhabited by a number of hostiles. Battling is turn-based within the procedurally generated world, with players able to equip abilities called Knacks in order to survive the journey. Void Terrarium is available now for Nintendo Switch, so if you’re interested be sure to consider snagging a copy for yourself.

Source: NIS America Press Release

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