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A new major expansion/update is live for Digital Extremes’ Warframe with players venturing to Necralisk on Deimos. The Infested have taken up residence on this landscape and you’ll need to commune with the Entrati family to solve various mysteries. Check out the trailer below.

The landscape plays host to all kinds of interesting things, like two massive Entrati worms constantly battling each other. Players will also pilot Necramech units, which are essentially combat mechs that with powerful weapons. New vendors with reputation to grind are also included along with new weapons.

There’s also a new Warfame to unlock – Xaku, the Broken Warframe. Along with a 25 percent change to negate incoming weapon damage, it can also bestow Void damage to an equipped weapon. Xaku can also steal weapons from enemies, cast abilities from the Warframes that make up its form, and even split its pieces apart to hit enemies and weaken them to Void damage. Stay tuned for more details on further update to Heart of Deimos in the coming months.

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