Warzone Parachute Techniques

In Warzone, the road to victory starts with a good landing. Should you fly in headfirst and pull the parachute at the last second, or pull it early and scan the horizon as you glide to a smooth stop?

Read on for tips on mastering the parachute, including strategies for taking out enemies mid-air.

Parachute Overview
At the start of the match, choose your drop point and mark it on the Tac Map. When the flight trajectory nears your destination, it’s time to drop. On the right side of your HUD, an altimeter displays your distance from the ground and the speed that you’re falling.

Don’t forget: once you manually pull and cut the parachute, its auto deploy is no longer active, so you’ll need to manually pull the chute for your final descent.

Air Battles
You’ll notice that players emit a smoke trail when dropping which indicates their direction. Fly above and behind an enemy smoke trail to best situate yourself for an air attack. It’s easiest if the enemy has pulled their parachute so they’re not moving as fast.

In Battle Royale, get as close as you can to make your pistol shots count. Switch between free-fall fire and maneuvering with your parachute out to stay on track with your target. In Plunder, you can overwhelm your target with Season Three weapon blueprints like the Mighty Moe LMG (Tier 18) or opt for precision with the burst-fire Jerboa (Tier 21). It’s up to you to discover which weapon type suits you best for air battles.

Parachuting within Verdansk
Your parachute isn’t just for dropping into Verdansk but for travelling around it as well. Parachute off high points to reach distant Contracts or to create space between yourself and an enemy squad.

You can also use your parachute to strike against enemy Operators and squads on the ground. Wait for the opportune moment when they’re not facing you and jump down to reposition behind them. If they’re particularly distracted, you might even complete a stealthy Finishing Move.

Tips for Mastering the Parachute

  1. Play Plunder: Being able to respawn means you’ll have more opportunities to work on your deployment skills. Use the warmup lobby to work on air battles and air-to-ground attacks.
  2. Land on a vehicle: It’s likely they’ll know you’re there, but you’ll have the advantage during their first moments of surprise.
  3. Be your own air-to-ground missile in Plunder: Equip a loadout with the RPG-7 and fire away at ground units. You’ll only get in one or two shots, but the blast radius inflicts serious damage. With timing and luck, you can even take out an enemy helicopter while in free-fall.

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We’ll see you online.

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