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Dragon Quest is arguably considered THE JRPG by many fans. This is partly because it was the first of the modern era and any new JRPG that pops around owes some form of influence from it. Whether this is Final Fantasy or even Persona to some extent. Over the years, it has generated upwards of 11 different mainline titles, each of which bringing something new to the table as well as refining the formula. Since all of these games were fairly standalone for the most part, there have been characters that many fans adore over the years.

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So just for fun, here is the Dragon Quest character that fans would most likely be, based on their zodiac sign. Since they’re so many characters, one character from each Dragon Quest (with one exception) will be chosen.

12 Aquarius – Anlucia


Anlucia is the heroine of Dragon Quest X. Although she isn’t the playable character in her world, she is one of the most important NPCs in the game. A princess who descended from a great hero, she was initially quite soft before becoming a courageous warrior.

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In a sense, this would fit the Aquarius zodiac pretty well as they are also quite soft-spoken. However, just like Anlucia who essentially came into her calling, Aquarius are known for their strong intellectual and progressive natures. Which greatly suits her.

11 Pisces – Serena


Serena is the twin sister of Veronica who appears during Dragon Quest XI. Unlike her sister who is quite a rambunctious little thing, Serena is quite mellow and can be a bit of an airhead at times. However, her harp abilities allow her to do a variety of healing and elemental buffs. What’s more, she is a gentle soul who absolutely adores helping her allies in their quest against the dark lord of Erdrea. Similarly, Pisces are incredibly friendly people who are known for their direct connection to music.

10 Aries – Bianca Whitaker


Bianca Whitaker is the childhood friend and potential love interest in Dragon Quest V. She is known for her tomboyish nature and having a strong sense of justice as she loves helping those in need. Similarly, Aries are often known for their energetic nature and they also have a bit of an independence streak. But what makes Bianca suited for Aries is the fact that they love taking on the challenges for others.

9 Taurus – Torneko Taloon


Torneko Taloon first appeared during Dragon Quest IV. First appearing during chapter 3, he is an incredibly hard worker who has the dream of selling his wares to his customers. Surrounded by the loving support of his family, he does anything he can as a merchant. Similarly, the Taurus is also known for its practical and hard nature while also being surrounded by the love of the world due to their connection to the material world.

8 Gemini – Dragonlord


The Dragonlord is the original main villain of the series. As sinister as he is manipulative, the character originally attempted to rule all of Alefgard and had in his possession the orb of light. In one timeline he was even capable of succeeding thanks to tricking the Hero. This is similar in a sense to the Gemini who is able to understand people and use their words to gain what they want. What’s more, the Dragonlord can transform into a large dragon similar to having distinct personalities of a Gemini.

7 Cancer – Corvus


Corvus was once a kind angel who cared deeply for the people he cared for. Similar in a way to the Cancer who are greatly compassionate people who want to have a close bond with others. However, as the character eventually fell from grace he became incredibly evil and even bitter to everyone. Eventually turning him into a tragic villain that wanted to destroy everyone. Fitting into the Cancer’s more moody tendencies even if it’s far worse in Corvus’s case.

6 Leo – Keifer


Keifer is the prince of Estard which is a kingdom in Dragon Quest VII. The character is known for his more dramatic personality interests. Things such as women and exciting adventures. What’s more, he often dislikes his position as a prince and can even come off as a bit arrogant at times. This fits Leo very well since they are known for their dominant prideful personalities as well as their leadership skills. Something that Keifer definitely has when the time calls for it.

5 Virgo – Jessica Albert


Jessica Albert is a strong-willed noble from Dragon Quest VIII. At first glance, she might not seem suited to being a Virgo. After all, Virgo’s are typically known for their careful approach and standard wisdom. Meanwhile, Jessica herself is quite aggressive and can be blunt at times thanks to her personality. However, this is only because she is distrusting to those she doesn’t know very well. What’s more she has a lot of wisdom when it comes to the spells she casts like Virgo.

4 Libra – Princess Moonbrooke


Princess Moonbrooke is one of the party members that players have to obtain during Dragon Quest II. A descendant in the Erdrick bloodline, she specializes as a white mage and is capable of doing amazing healing while also doing decent multi-heal attacks. In terms of her personality, she is quite shy while also being strong-willed. It can be argued that these would be perfect traits for the Libra as they are known for their level headed and harmonious nature.

3 Scorpio – Hero


The Hero from Dragon Quest are all known for their bravery and jack of all trades skills. Since they are supposed to be the general avatar for the player, they get to bond with the people they cherish and are able to lead as well as make decisive decisions. These are the many hallmarks of the Scorpio. As they are known to being incredible leaders as well as being decisive with anything they do.

2 Saggitarius – Sylvando


Sylvando is easily a fan favorite for many people who have played Dragon Quest XI: Echoes Of An Elusive Age. This rambunctious character is known for bringing in the joy and laughter to everyone in Erdrea as well as players hearts.

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All of this fits marvellously with a Saggitararius as they are known for their fun personalities. What’s more, they are capable of doing plenty of philosophical talks and have a lot of compassion which is what Sylvando is known for.

1 Capricorn – Terry


Terry is a character in Dragon Quest VI. He is known for his brash and arrogant personality as well as being a powerful swordsman. His uncompromising nature fits the Capricorn very well as they are also known for their condescending nature at times.

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Of course, just like a Capricorn, Terry always means well and will always be there whenever he needs to help someone in need. What’s more just like a Capricorn, Terry has a deep connection with his sister.

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