Xbox Series S Actually Loads Some Games Faster Than Series X, Says Xbox Boss

Xbox Series X_S

The Xbox Series X/S and the PS5’s SSDs have been emphasized greatly by Microsoft and Sony respectively, as well as various developers in the industry, and while the new consoles are going to benefit from their solid state drives in several ways, the one that we’re going to see right off the bat and that’s going to be immediately noticeable is load times, which are going to be cut down in games significantly.

You’d think that the Xbox Series S, which is considerably weaker than the Xbox Series X, will show less impressive results than its more powerful counterparts in this area, but it seems that’s not quite the case. Speaking with Kotaku, Xbox boss Phil Spencer said that the Xbox Series S has “surprised” him in terms of how it performs, before adding that it actually loads some games faster than the Xbox Series X does, since it’s loading in lower-res assets.

In the same interview, Spencer also said that Microsoft expects the Xbox Series S to sell more than the Series X in the long-term. Read more about that through here.

The Xbox Series X/S launch globally on November 10.

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