15 Best Stealth Games You Need To Play

In case you hadn’t caught on, we really like stealth games here at GamingBolt. It’s a genre that has, through the decades, delivered some of the greatest games of all time, and we often find ourselves thinking about the games that stand head and shoulders even above others in that group. We have talked about what we feel are the greatest stealth games before, but it’s been a while, so we figured it was time to come back with an updated list. And here, that’s what we’ve got- the 15 best stealth games of all time, 2020 edition.

Note that we’ve kept entries in the feature to one game per series, so don’t go expecting seven Metal Gear Solid games (even though that sounds like a pretty great list).

So with all that said, let’s begin.


Might as well kick it off with a Metal Gear Solid game, right? And what a game it is. The Phantom Pain certainly has its issues, of that there is little doubt, and these issues do a lot to bring down its overall quality as a finished product, or as a satisfying entry in the series. But purely from a gameplay perspective, viewed purely on the merits of its stealth mechanics, The Phantom Pain is nearly flawless. Making use of a complex web of systems, MGS5 delivers dynamic, reactive, and emergent stealth gameplay the likes of which we haven’t seen in many games. It is, plain and simple, a stealth masterclass.

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