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Throughout the last three console generations, Xbox and PlayStation fans have butted heads over the topic of what console manufacturer is better. While both sides have their ups and downs, there is no doubt that the console war has created a toxic (yet entertaining) environment for gamers. Whether it is because your parents bought you a specific console when you were younger or your friends all play on Call of Duty on the other, every gamer has their console preference.

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In recent years, however, Xbox and PlayStation have taken different approaches when it comes to the necessity of the console wars.

10 Project xCloud (Xbox)


Starting off the list with one of the most exciting things about the future of Xbox, Project xCloud will allow Xbox fans to stream their games on any device that has the ability to do so. This means Xbox will let players play on smart TVs that are not connected to their Xbox Series X and wirelessly on their phones or tablets.

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While this may seem like a way to get fans to stick with the Xbox Series X, what makes this feature console war friendly is that gamers don’t even have to buy the upcoming console to game access to the new feature. Just by paying for GamePass Ultimate, gamers will be able to use xCloud on September 15.

9 Console Exclusivity (PlayStation)


When it comes to selling consoles during the holiday season, PlayStation is stopping at nothing to make sure that the PS5 is the top-selling console. A great example of this is Spider-Man: Miles Morales. Despite being a game that uses the same engine as the original 2018 Marvel’s Spider-Man, PlayStation has decided that the spinoff will only come out on the new hardware.

The main reasoning behind this move is that the original title was PlayStations highest selling game ever. Unlike PC and Xbox, Sony is asking fans to pay for an entirely new system, just to play a game that can run on old hardware.

8 Cross-play (Xbox)


During the current generation, Xbox had a change of leadership. When Phil Spencer took over as Head of Xbox, the company began a gamer first approach. One of the changes that the company pushed was the addition of crossplay.

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Although generations before locked players to communicating with others on the same platform, Xbox and Nintendo pushed for the addition of crossplay by releasing the Minecraft cross-play commercial. Now, many games support the feature and hopefully many more will in the future.

7 DLC Exclusives (PlayStation)


When Marvel’s Avengers was first announced,  superheroes fans were excited to play as the Earth’s Mightiest Heroes in a triple-A game, however, as the news began to surface fans quickly realized PlayStation is continuing to push a divided audience.

With the announcement that Spider-Man would be exclusive to the PS4, Sony has used DLC exclusivity to fan the flames of the console wars.

6 Backwards Compatible Hardware (Xbox)


When Xbox and PlayStation transitioned into the current generation, fans had to lay to rest arguably the best controller ever made, the Xbox 360 wireless controller. This upcoming generation, however, Xbox Series X purchases will be able to all their Xbox One controllers on the new console.

While this does not directly work to end the console wars, it does let players spend less money at launch that could be spent to buy other consoles as well.

5 Unwilling To Work With Others (PlayStation)


One thing that will define the Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch era is cross-play. While all three companies have now decided to work together on many games, like Fortnite, PUBG, Call of Duty Warzone, and Rocket League, at first Sony had a difficult time pushing for inclusion.

Although it seems like a no-brainer to gamers, Sony continued denying fans this feature until the pressure was too much to handle.

4 Forward Compatible Games (Xbox)


One reason fans purchase the newest consoles as they are released is because they want the best graphics possible. Another, however, is the fact that up until this point many of the consoles lock their first-party games behind the paywall of a new console.

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This time around Xbox will be taking a different approach. Much like PC gaming, the Xbox ecosystem will allow all games to be played at variable specs. What this does for the gaming community is that it allows players to buy a console when they are ready to upgrade, not when the manufacturers tell them they don’t get any new games.

3 Using Out of Date Metrics (PlayStation)


There is no doubt in any gamer’s mind, the PlayStation 4 has outsold both competitors by a large margin. While this is a great way to tell the companies console sales revenue, for consumers this metric only tells a small portion of dollars earned for the company.

It is nice to know which console is selling more than others to brag to your friends, but determining a companies success comes down to so much more, like revenue earned from subscriptions, software sales and micro-transactions. Unless you are a fan of being in the majority of sales, this metric does not mean much.

2 Xbox GamePass Ultimate (Xbox)


When GamePass first launched, the subscription service quickly became adored in the Xbox ecosystem. Xbox GamePass Ultimate, however, took the companies idea to an entirely new level. Now, players that subscribe to the service will be able to play all Xbox Game Studio titles as they launch on their Xbox One, PC, Smart TV, Tablet, and phone.

For players that do not want to own a console, the service will still work, allowing them to play hundreds of games anywhere

1 PSVR In Third-Party Titles (PlayStation)


One of the most exciting things about buying a third-party title on the PlayStation 5 is that it could follow its predecessor and allow third-party games to include PSVR support. At no extra cost both Star Wars: Squadrons and Resident Evil 7 have given fans a reason to pick up their console over their competitors.

While many of the ways PlayStation has shown it still wants to battle for sales, this feature is by far the best one for the consumer.

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