Analogue Pocket Preorders Begin Next Month

The COVID-19 pandemic continues to run amok, and one of the latest blows to manufacturing has come to hardware maker Analogue. The US-based developer had been expecting to bring its newest retro console Analogue Pocket to the market this year, but due to the challenges of the global quarantine, that window has been pushed back. Not all is doom and gloom, as the project is still very much alive, with Analogue revealing that the device will be available for preorder starting on August 3 at 8 AM PST.

Pocket pre-orders will open August 3rd, 2020 8am PST. Pocket is shipping May 2021. Limit 2 per order.

Head to for unannounced features & details, new accessories, small design changes, pricing & an FPGA developer program.

MANY announcements below:

— Analogue (@analogue) July 27, 2020

2,780 Game Boy, Game Boy Color and Game Boy Advance games will be playable at launch, with adapters for Sega Game Gear, Neo Geo Pocket Color, and Atari Lynx cartridges also available. The Pocket itself has seen some slight redesign since the last look we got at the unit, with the start, select, and home buttons now positioned at the center of the device. A new sleep mode has also been added to Analogue Pocket, which will help to extend battery life and add some ease of use for those playing on the go.

If you’re interested in getting your hands on an Analogue Pocket, hit up this link. There’s a limit of two units per customer. There are also quite a few accessories to procure, as well. Are you excited to play your old portable games? Talk to us below and online!

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