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SMGs have had a solid place in the lineup of guns in both Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and Warzone. The MP5 is often regarded as the best SMG in Call of Duty. Even after multiple nerfs to the gun, it has remained a solid option. However, fans are frustrated, as it seems like a secret change was implemented to the gun recently.

Season 5 of MW and Warzone came with another large update, and with it came new maps, fresh guns, game changes, and the season’s pass. But wasn’t mentioned in any sort of patch notes, was a possible MP5 change, leaving some furious.

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The odd part about the possible change is that players are reporting various differences from one another. Some are saying that the MP5’s iron sights are different, with the gun being far more zoomed in. The sights are part of the reason the best MP5 loadouts can go without an optical, so a sudden change without warning would be a problem.

Others indicate that the sight of the MP5 hasn’t been changed at all, and tweets and Reddit posts online paint the story that either idea could be true, only adding to the mystery. Others are reporting that the recoil has been altered. With players routinely looking for zero loadout options for Warzone and MW, it can be infuriating when a favorite fun has a change to the feel of the recoil.

Players like scparz, a professional COD player, are among the group of players that are reporting the MP5 is “bouncing all over the place,” which has certainly not historically been the case for the SMG. The MP5 has always had some of the most consistent recoil in Modern Warfare, but perhaps not anymore.

The thing that really is upsetting the community is that this secret change looks to have been implemented at the worst possible time. The Call of Duty League Championship Weekend is right around the corner, and it may be that the developers seriously altered one of the most used guns without proper communication only days before the event.

It is possible that the changes are due to an untimely glitch. Modern Warfare and Warzone have been plagued by bugs, with the most recent MW glitch giving extra perks to players. If it is a glitch, and nothing else, one would hope that it is patched before any multi-million dollar tournament.

New content is consistently dropping for Season 5 and MW/Warzone. The major concerns from fans are that the developers haven’t communicated a possible change, that the gun is a favorite and altering it would be disappointing to many.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare is available now on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One

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