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The latest event to come to Destiny 2 has brought along with it a new activity and a number of new challenges in order to gain and upgrade new armor, as well as unlock the event-specific Solstice Packages. These new packages are one of the key components to the new event, as they are a farmable source of Solstice of Heroes gear, but it is unclear from the game exactly what the drop rate for this event loot is.

One player took it upon themselves to record the results of opening a massive number of these Solstice Packages and shared the results of these package drops to Reddit. Posting these results onto the Destiny subreddit, the player u/TheAnduric even managed to get a response from Bungie’s Community Manager dmg04, who took the opportunity to elaborate on the intention of the Solstice Package loot pool.

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In order to get a fairly accurate result of the Solstice Packages’ drop rates, TheAnduric opened 1000 of the event-specific loot drops and recorded how many of each possible rewards came from the massive sample. While a number of the possible loot drops showed up hundreds of times, such as legendary gear and umbral engrams, other items had a drastically reduced drop rate from the raw drops out of the packages. One that stands out is that among the two drops per package from Destiny 2‘s Solstice of Heroes event, only six of these turned into enhancement prisms, an important material for upgrading and customizing gear.

Bungie Community Manager dmg04 also addressed the numbers that TheAnduric found, commenting that these were about on par with what the developer was looking for when it comes to these packages. According to dmg04, the Solstice Packages are supposed to be on part with Raid loot drops in terms of quality and consistency of legendary gear, but without the powerful drops that work to quickly increase light level. In this case, the Solstice Packages could be a decent way to build up a suitable set of gear in preparation of the upcoming Destiny 2: Beyond Light that looks to be launching the game into a new era.

Given how loot drops work, and the way that players continuously run activities in order to roll and re-roll their favorite gear, the huge loot pools and drop rates from Solstice Packages make for a rewarding way to collect the perfect gear set in Destiny 2. The low rates for upgrade materials is unfortunate, but it is entirely possible that more could come from dismantling the poorly rolled gear or duplicates that players don’t keep.

Destiny 2 is available now for PC, PS4, Stadia, and Xbox One.

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