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Monster Hunter World has had an impressive lifespan. The game launched in late 2017, selling over five million copies in 3 days, six million in two weeks, and eight million in four months. Monster Hunter World became Capcom’s fastest-selling game as a result and has since crossed 15 million sales. The Iceborne expansion released in late 2019, reinvigorating the game. But all things must come to an end. Capcom’s recently announced the Iceborne “Developer’s Diary Final,” which will air on August 28.

To make clear, this is only named Developer’s Diary Final, which seems to imply many things but doesn’t necessarily confirm any of them. It could imply that this is the final developer diary from Capcom, a long-running series of videos. It could imply that this is the last major update for Monster Hunter World Iceborne. Further, it could imply that this video will detail the last update for Monster Hunter World in general.

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The name Developer’s Diary Final clearly implies an ending of sorts, but without further information, nothing can be said for certain. It wouldn’t be surprising if, after three years of post-launch content and support, Capcom‘s now decided to shift its full focus to what’s coming next.

There is some content confirmed for the Developer’s Diary Final, though. The video will focus on Monster Hunter World Iceborne‘s free Title Update 5, planned for release fall 2020. This includes a returning monster from a previous Monster Hunter game, as well as Master Rank Layered Armor. Little else is known about the upcoming DLC content.

The little that is known about Monster Hunter World Iceborne‘s upcoming Title Update 5 comes from a content roadmap released earlier this year. The roadmap also mentions upcoming Fall Seasonal Events, in addition to the returning monster and layered armor. It’s also notable in that Title Update 5 is the last update listed for 2020. In other words, the roadmap also implies that Title Update 5 could be the final content update for Monster Hunter World Iceborne.

Capcom has already confirmed that Iceborne is the last major expansion for Monster Hunter World. Players have had to know that the end of content updates for the game was coming sooner or later. And to be fair, Monster Hunter World players have been spoiled more than most when it comes to post-launch content. Plus, it seems likely another new Monster Hunter game can’t be far off. Nevertheless, it still feels like the end of an era. The Developer Diary Final will air on August 28 at 5:00 am PT/8:00 am ET.

Monster Hunter World Iceborne is available now on PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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