EA Access “Coming Soon” Page Appears On Steam

ea access

Once upon a time, EA left the Steam platform to create their own launcher and storefront as multiple other large companies have done over recent years. However, while their launcher (Origin) isn’t going anywhere, it seems they are now returning to Steam with several high profile releases. One thing that is still missing is EA Access, the companies subscription service that has been tied to Origin on PC since its initial launch. It’s been said the service would come to Steam soon, and then again in the fall. And it seems we’re finally on the cusp of getting it.

While there is no official date or announcement yet, a new page for EA Access has appeared on Steam, which you can see here. This most likely means that the service is pretty close to coming to Steam, completeing EA’s full return to Valve’s storefront.

EA Access is a subscription service that gives you access to a backlog of EA’s titles as well as extended trials, betas and demos of new and upcoming games such as the recent UFC 4 trial. The service is now available through PS4, Xbox One and PC via Origin, and we’ll let you know when the service officially comes to Steam.

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