The Last Of Us Part 2 To Get Grounded And Permadeath Modes

the last of us part 2

After several years of development, lots of manpower and a ton of work, The Last of Us Part 2 released earlier this year. It lead to some polarizing discussion, though ultimately saw critical acclaim as well as strong sales. There was a lot to praise in the adventure game, including its incredible amount of customization options for accessibility. Well, it seems the game will get some more options for those who aren’t as concerned about that and want a more daunting challenge.

While there’s been no official announcement, the latest update to the game, 1.03, added two new trophies. One of them is for clearing the game on Grounded while the other is for completing the story with Permadeath mode on. Neither of those two are in the game, which means they will both be coming soon (you can see the trophies in question thanks to our friends at PowerPyx).

The Last of Us Part 2 is quite a long game, and Survivor was already a pretty high difficulty, so I can imagine if you really want to be pushed both of these will take you to the limits. We’ll keep you updated for when they are added.

The Last of Us 2 just got DLC Trophies. Patch 1.03 with Grounded Difficulty + Permadeath Mode incoming.

— PowerPyx (@PowerPyx) August 10, 2020

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