Cuphead To Get Free Update For Xbox That Includes Playable Soundtrack, Gallery, And More


One game that really seemed to grab the attention of the masses was Cuphead. The game is a 2D sidescroller game known for being incredibly difficult, as well as inspired by classic cartoons of the 1930s and onward. As something of a surprise announcement that the game would be coming to the PS4 earlier today. But PlayStation fans weren’t the only ones with something coming down the pipes, as Xbox fans who’ve had the game for quite a while are getting rewarded too.

In the same update that announced the PS4 version, the studio also mentioned that a free, special update will also come to Xbox fans. It will include digital art gallaries, behind-the-scenes commentaries and a playable soundtrack. It only mentions this as coming to Xbox, so it’s unclear if it will also come to PC as well. You can read the full post through here.

“So, to celebrate the wonderful players who believed in us from the very beginning, we’re also making another announcement: we will be bringing a free Special Update to Cuphead fans on Xbox, which will add a digital art gallery, behind-the-scenes commentary features, and playable soundtrack to the game. This update is still in the early planning stages, and we’ll be taking the time to get things just right, but we will be sure to share more when we have something for you that meets the level of care and quality we always strive for.”

The game originally released in 2017 for Xbox One and PC and then made its way to the Switch and PS4. Like the game’s upcoming DLC, The Delicious Last Course, this update has no time frame and will be also be ready for whenever it’s ready.

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