Hitman 3 Is Big Technological Leap For Series Inspired And Driven By PS5, Per Game Director

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At the beginning of 2021, we will see the conclusion to the new trilogy of Agent 47 with Hitman 3. The game will cap off what was started in 2016 and has largely seen success and critical acclaim, even allowing developer IO Interactive to become fully independent and self-publish the third game. It is said to be a darker version of the 47 story than the previous two, and it seems the game’s Director has some lofty ambitions.

In an interview with the PlayStation Official Magazine (issue 178, September 2020), Mattias Engström spoke about the game, saying it will be an experimentation of the systems they’ve had so far. If you recall, the game was originally revealed at the PS5 event last month, and it seems that wasn’t a coincidence as the team has really been driven and inspired by the hardware, specifically the SSD that many others have been enamored with.

Hitman 3 is going to mark yet another big leap forward for our technology, driven and inspired by the capabilities of the PlayStation 5. It’s an extraordinarily complex game that has multiple systems running at the same time that support each other constantly, so having more power to play with gives us more options and lets us do significantly more.

Hitman is a game about experimentation. We invite the player into a sandbox, and we let them experiment the way they want,. Therefore, we see the save/load as an important feature to encourage just that. The blitz-fast load times we are seeing on the PS5 makes it the perfect home for the Hitman trilogy, encouraging experimentation more than ever.”

Hitman 3 is slated to arrive January 2021 for, obviously, the PlayStation 5 as well PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X, Xbox One and PC.

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