Dead Space Remake Event Happening This Week

One of the biggest announcements at the EA Play event last month was the reveal of the Dead Space remake that's in development at Motive Studio. Very little was revealed about the Dead Space remake at the event, but it seems fans don't have to wait much longer to find out more about the upcoming sci-fi survival-horror game. A developer livestream for the Dead Space remake has been announced and is taking place tomorrow.

The Dead Space developer livestream will take place on Tuesday, August 31 at 10am PT. Further details about the livestream, like how long it will last, have not been announced at the time of this writing. The only other information about the Dead Space remake developer livestream is that it will give fans "a very early look" at the development of the game. What this means exactly remains to be seen, so fans will just have to tune in tomorrow to find out.

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The Dead Space remake announcement at EA Play consisted of a short teaser that established that the game was a remake of the first Dead Space and not much else. It gave fans a cinematic look at the Ishimura ship and Isaac Clarke's back, but fans have yet to see any gameplay or anything more substantial about the game. They may want to keep their expectations in check for the developer livestream on August 31, but it will still be interesting to see what else is revealed about the game.

The Dead Space remake reveal itself didn't have a ton of information for fans to go off, but more info came to light afterwards. For example, the Dead Space remake will have cut content that was removed from the original game, and it will also have some improvements that were added in later games in the series.

One example of this is with Dead Space 2. Dead Space 2 had zero gravity segments that were very much well-received by fans of the franchise, and it's been confirmed that they will be featured in the remake of the first game. On the flip side of that, things that weren't well-received in later games will not appear in the Dead Space remake, with one example being the microtransactions from Dead Space 3.

Whatever is shown of the Dead Space remake at the developer livestream on August 31, it should definitely be worth looking into for fans of the Dead Space franchise. It will kick off on Tuesday, August 31 at 10am PT, streamed live on Motive Studio's Twitch channel.

Dead Space is in development for PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X.

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