Epic Games Store’s Next Free Games Are Verdun And Defense Grid: The Awakening

Verdun and Defense Grid: The Awakening will be free on the Epic Games Store starting July 22. The titles will replace Obduction and Offworld Trading Company, which will remain free until July 22 at 11am ET.

Verdun is a multiplayer-based FPS set during World War I, featuring historically accurate weapons and offering up "tactical squad-based" gameplay. Defense Grid: The Awakening, meanwhile, is a tower defense game with a campaign that runs for 8 hours and plenty of additional content in its "Challenge Modes."

The two games will be up for grabs between July 22 and July 29.

They might not be as well-known as last week's Offworld Trading Company, but both Verdun and Defense Grid should make a nice addition to your ever-growing Epic Games catalog.

While Epic continues to put up free games, it's also continuing to battle Apple in the ongoing Fortnite lawsuit. It was recently revealed that the litigation will be heard in Australia following an appeal victory by Epic. The game has been MIA on Apple devices for several months now, and there's no indication as to when things will finally be settled.

Until then, you can rest easy knowing Epic will continue to pump out free games on a weekly basis.

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