Fall Guys patch fixes more free-to-play launch issues, including voice chat woes

Following Fall Guys’ successful, if slightly controversial, switch to free-to-play last week, developer Mediatonic has been plugging away to fix any launch week woes, and those continuing efforts have now manifested in a new patch which, among other things, should now enable PS5 players to get into games while in parties.

Beyond that headline fix, and tweaks to resolve a seperate bug preventing players from hearing party members in voice chat, Mediatonic’s latest patch notes suggest an update primarily targeting smaller issues across all versions of the game, rather than anything particularly seismic, with other fixes including a range of visual issues on Switch. Here’s the full list of tweaks and adjustments, for the curious, as per the Fall Guys Twitter account:

Fall Guys’ transition to a free-to-pay model seems to have paid off for Mediatonic. Despite some server wobbles on launch day, the developer reported Fall Guy’s new monetisation model – combined with its launch on two new platforms in Xbox and Switch – managed to push the game’s player base over the 20m mark just 24 hours after its free-to-play release.

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