Final Fantasy 16’s Visuals Will be Improved Before Launch, More Info Coming Next Month

Final Fantasy 16

Final Fantasy 16’s reveal trailer was an exciting one for more reasons than one, but while it generally received solid reception from series fans and audiences, one aspect in particular that drew some criticism was the visuals, with many suggesting that the game was looking a little rough, especially for a PS5 exclusive.

However, according to the game’s producer Naoki Yoshida, the visuals seen in the reveal trailer are not representative of what the final product will look like. Speaking during a recent TGS 2020 stream (via Twisted Voxel), Yoshida said that Square Enix did not want to unveil the game with a pre-rendered trailer, owing to the fact that audiences wouldn’t have believed that the game was close to release, and because the team wanted to show actual gameplay.

In doing so, however, they were pressed for time, and as such, they have to include gameplay footage in the trailer that hadn’t been properly optimized. Yoshida says that before the game launches, the visuals will be properly optimized and are still being worked on, which means the final product will look much better.

Yoshida also re-iterated that more details on Final Fantasy 16 will be coming in 2021. Before that, however, as early as next month itself, the official teaser website for the game will be going up, and will reveal new information on the game’s world and its cast of characters.

Final Fantasy 16 is in development for the PS5 exclusively, with a recent report suggesting that it will be out in 2022. The game has been given a provisional M rating, which is a first for a mainline Final Fantasy game.

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