GDC 2021 Planned To Be Hybrid Physical And Virtual Event July 19-23

gdc 2020

One of the first major conference cancellations this year due to the COVID pandemic was the Game Developers Conference (GDC). It was one of the first indications that the virus was going to have a pretty major impact on the industry. Ultimately, they did end up holding a digital event earlier this month, and for next year the plan is to mix a bit of both.

The event’s organizers, Informa Tech, announced the plans in a press release. The plan is to do a physical event alongside what they are call a “robust virtual offering”, though it’s unclear what exactly that means. It will take place in San Francisco.

One thing to note is that the event will take place much later than usual, running from July 19th to the 23rd. This is much farther out then the traditional March time frame it’s held, most likely trying in hopes that things will be more normalized then as opposed to the relatively early month in March. Let’s all keep our fingers crossed that will be the case.

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