Godfall Developer Details DualSense Implementation On PS5 Version


If there is one game you can’t criticize for showing too little it’s Godfall. The game was one of the first next generation titles revealed, and we’ve since seen a very steady amount of information about it come in from a recent deep dive into the game’s progression and loot to its challenging endgame content. We’re far from over, though, as today we got details on how the PS5 version will use the DualSense.

The game’s developer said that the DualSense was incredible in the past, though didn’t go into details about how the game utilized it. Now in a post on the official PlayStation blog, Technical Producer Dick Heyne fleshed out a few details. It seems the core of the DualSense implementation is how the haptic feedback changes based on what weapons you use, with examples given of how different it feels to wield a hammer versus dual blades.

“Not only have we been tuning the haptic feedback on a per weapon class basis – we’ve dug into the individual attacks and tuned them to get the feel just right. We really wanted to challenge ourselves to push the limits of this system, aiming to have the players feel each and every swing. We all know the rhythm of combat in action melee games can make or break the experience. Prior to working with the DualSense controller’s haptic feedback, you could see the rhythm of Godfall’s melee combat. But thanks to SIE, you’re now able to feel it as well.

“Since players can have up to two weapons in their loadout at any time, there is a thrill in switching from one weapon class to another and feeling the difference in the palm of your hands. The Dual Blades might feel quick and nimble, whereas the Warhammer will feel powerful and weighty. This feature alone makes playing Godfall on PS5 feel like a whole new experience.”

Godfall will release on November 12th for PlayStation 5 and PC.

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