Haven Developer Looks To Utilize Haptic Feedback And 120 FPS For PS5 Version


The makers of Furi announced their next game last year, Haven. While it shares a similar look to that game, it seems to be a vastly different type of experience as it follows two people who are “special” to one another as they must traverse together through a dangerous new world. The game was one of many indie titles that Sony chose to highlight for their PS5 showcase, and it seems the developers want to take as much advantage as possible.

Speaking with Wccftech, Creative Director Emeric Thoa talked about the game’s next gen version. It seems the studio is in the early stages of this version of the game, so they couldn’t commit to any features for sure, but did say they want to utilize the haptic feedback of the DualSense controller and get the game up to 120 FPS for that port and make the most smoothing gliding possible. While Thoa did say they wanted to bring the game to as many systems as possible, as it stands only a PlayStation 5 version has been confirmed for next generation consoles, so the context is only in relation to Sony’s next system.

“We are at the veeeeery early steps of working on PS5. It’s a bit early for me to say. We will of course try to make the best use of the PS5 new hardware and features. One thing that’s the most exciting to me is to use the new gamepad haptic features and a 120FPS framerate to make gliding as smooth as possible.”

Haven has also been announced to come to the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Switch and PC. As of now, no version of the game has a release date.

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