Microsoft CFO Seemingly Confirms November Release For Xbox Series X

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This year has been a strange one to say the least. And to add to it, we are on the cusp of next generation console releases, but we still don’t know anything about the price or release date of either Sony’s PS5 or Microsoft’s Xbox Series X outside both plan to launch this year. Both companies seem to be playing chicken (or are terrified) in revealing those things, but we may have unexpectedly got an idea via the Microsoft CFO.

In a conference call, CFO Amy Hood reportedly asked the question about when the “new console” would be coming and Hood answered that it would be in November. To be exact, she said “November holidays.” The conference call is not open to public yet, but Diana Bass of Bloomsberg, who asked the question, reported it as you can see below.

November is, by no means, a surprise. Most people probably expected either that or October. There’s still the question of the rumored Lockhart/Series S and whether it will launch at the same time as the Series X or if it will come at a sooner or later time. The Xbox Series X Games Showcase is planned to come tomorrow with the focus apparently only on games, so whether we’ll get that launch date announced or not is up in the air. Either way, it seems as if November it is.

Microsoft CFO Amy Hood says new Xbox is still on track for the November holidays launch.

— Dina Bass (@dinabass) July 22, 2020

It was in response to a question from me and I said "new console" and "November holidays." Her answer was the single word "yes."

— Dina Bass (@dinabass) July 22, 2020

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