Overwatch 2 Battle For Olympus trailer shows new skins and game mode

overwatch 2 battle for olympus heroes
Some heroes have gained godlike abilities (pic: Blizzard)

The Battle For Olympus event will bring a bunch of new cosmetics, skins and a limited time mode to Overwatch 2.

This year’s Winter Wonderland event in Overwatch 2 has come to an end, meaning that the festive season is over, at least in the game.

Now, a new event is set to kick off soon, called Battle For Olympus, which goes hand in hand with Season 2’s theme… Greek mythology.

The trailer for this mid-season event has revealed more new skins, cosmetics, and gave you a sneak peek into the limited time mode, so let’s see when everything’s due…

When does Battle For Olympus start in Overwatch 2?

Battle For Olympus is the first special event in Overwatch 2 for 2023. It will kick off on Thursday, January 5 and will last for two weeks, concluding on Thursday, January 19.

During this time, you’ll get the chance to play a new mode as well as unlock skins for certain characters.

There are already some Greek mythology themed skins in the game, like the legendary-tier Poseidon Ramattra (level 20) and Hades Pharah (level 60).

Get a better look at Zeus Junker Queen now in 4K 🌩️
Don’t miss out on the brand-new Mythic skin headed to the Overwatch 2 Season 2 Battle Pass 🎫

— Overwatch Cavalry 🇬🇧 (@OverwatchCaval) November 29, 2022

These skins can be unlocked through the premium version of the battle pass, with the mythic-tier Zeus Junker Queen (level 80) skin being the top reward for season 2.

However, the Battle For Olympus trailer has revealed a bunch of other characters have turned into Greek gods and goddesses.

Which Overwatch 2 heroes will get Battle For Olympus skins?

If you pay close attention, you can spot seven heroes in the Battle For Olympus trailer which will likely take part in the limited time mode of the event.

Besides Ramattra, Hades and Junker Queen, which have already received their Greek mythology themed skins, the trailer also shows Lúcio, Widowmaker, Reinhardt and Roadhog have followed suit.

In fact, their new bundles have also popped up in the first item shop rotation of the year. Here are all the Battle For Olympus hero bundles and what they include:

Medusa Widowmaker bundle

  • Legendary Medusa Widowmaker skin
  • Epic Death Stare highlight intro
  • Epic Petrified Hammond souvenir

Cyclops Roadhog bundle

  • Legendary Cyclops Roadhog skin
  • Rare On The Shoulder victory pose
  • Epic Crushing Blow highlight intro

Check out the Death Stare Highlight Intro with Medusa Widowmaker equipped 🎞️
Exclusively with this skin equipped, she opens her mouth as she turns you to stone 🐍

— Overwatch Cavalry 🇬🇧 (@OverwatchCaval) January 3, 2023

Minotaur Reinhardt bundle

  • Legendary Minotaur Reinhardt skin
  • Common Minotaur spray

Hermes Lúcio bundle

  • Legendary Hermes Lúcio skin
  • Epic Winged Sandals charm

New voicelines and sound effects will also be added to the limited time mode for each hero, referencing their godlike abilities.

What is the Battle For Olympus limited time mode in Overwatch 2?

The Battle For Olympus limited lime mode will take place on the Ilios map, which takes the form of an idyllic Greek island.

All seven of the characters which have received Greek mythology skins will be featured in this mode, with their abilities being reimagined to fit the theme.

The new mode will come in the form of a free-for-all Deathmatch, meaning the only objective will be to eliminate each other.

To raise the stakes on this epic battle, we’ll be tallying eliminations on a global leaderboard! ? The Hero with the most will be honored with a statue in Ilios!

Keep your eyes peeled on our Instagram Stories, Facebook Stories, and TikTok Stories for leaderboard updates!

— Overwatch (@PlayOverwatch) January 3, 2023

Ilios is usually a Control map, so it will be interesting to see how the Deathmatch mode will play out on it.

Blizzard also revealed that the hero with the most eliminations on the global leaderboard will be honoured with a statue on the map.

So, if you’re like to see your favourite character immortalised as a Greek deity, you better start stacking up kills early in the event.

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