Physical Copies of Stardew Valley Being Sold Via Fangamer

Fans have been waiting and waiting for what feels like eons to get physical copies of Stardew Valley on Nintendo Switch, and finally the universe has rewarded their patience. Starting today, it’s possible to head over to the Fangamer website and preorder a boxed copy of the game. There are standard and Collector’s Editions available.

The Stardew Valley Collector’s Edition launches today for PC and Nintendo Switch!

Learn more and preorder it here:

— Fangamer (@Fangamer) July 30, 2020

Here is what’s inside each edition:

  • Standard Physical Release
    • Available on Nintendo Switch game card.
    • Plan to include Version 1.4.4 on the card, with free updates available for download as they become available. Includes mini illustrated guidebook to help players get started.
    • Reversible cover art with Joja-themed alternate design.
  • Collector’s Edition
    • Deluxe six-piece wooden standee made from responsibly sourced birch and cherry wood.
    • Wooden lapel pin.
    • 14-page Junimo comic by Chihiro Sakaida.
    • Deed to your farm featuring gold-foil details on paper made from 30% recycled straw (a byproduct of actual farming!).
    • Sturdy, high-quality Collector’s Edition box featuring artwork by Kari Fry.
    • Soft polyester-nylon blend cleaning cloth designed by Chihiro Sakaida.

If you can get in a preorder before August 15 you’ll also be eligible for a special double-sided poster. The game itself won’t actually become available until November 6, but act quickly if you want a preorder, as Fangamer has limited quantities:

We might sell out of the first run we make but if that’s the case we’d be working on restocking it

— Fangamer (@Fangamer) July 31, 2020

As the above Tweet notes, Fangamer will restock eventually if it sells through this batch. It should also be noted that the standard edition of Stardew Valley will be available at Best Buy and GameStop in the US if you’d like to weigh your options.

Source: Fangamer Twitter Page

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