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PlayStation fans are anxiously awaiting the announcement of the PS5‘s release date and pricing, as well as pre-order details. And despite the lack of information, anticipation for the release of the upcoming next-generation hardware is building to a crescendo. It’s looking like the PS5 is all but guaranteed to be a massive success when it launches this holiday season — there’s just one big problem, there aren’t going to be many PS5’s available at launch.

Sony has now officially stated that the PS5 is only going to be available in limited quantity at launch. Exactly what limited means isn’t clear, but launch console buyers can likely recall how difficult it is to buy one at launch even when quantity isn’t said to be limited. Needless to say, PS5 launch quantity is unlikely to meet demand when the console releases this holiday season.

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Sony made the official statement as part of the launch of a new website designed to help assign pre-orders for current PlayStation users. Users can use the website to register for a potential PS5 pre-order, but they aren’t guaranteed, as Sony will be giving them out based on “previous interests and PlayStation activities.” The more active a user is on PlayStation 4, the better chance they have of being invited to pre-order. It was in this context that Sony warned of limited availability.


The idea Sony was trying to convey was that those who did get approved with a pre-order should claim it as fast as possible. Some may receive an invitation to pre-order, but then find that stock has already been sold out before they’re able to finish their transactions. Sony says it’s using this unique system as a way to ensure some existing customers are able to get their pre-orders in directly from Sony. Maybe it will help with console scalping.

That the PS5 will be available in limited supply at launch isn’t a surprise, of course. A report as far back as April hinted that Sony expects to have just 5-6 million PS5s available between launch and March 2021. The reason cited for the limited quantity was said to be the hardware components of the PS5, which can only be made so fast.

Despite Sony’s odd pre-order scheme, no further details about the PS5 have been shared. That said, it perhaps implies that pricing information and a release date might be coming soon. If pre-orders are as limited as Sony’s hinting at, that PlayStation gamers will appreciate as much time as possible to try and get their pre-orders in before launch.

The PS5 releases holiday 2020.

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