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As the Nintendo ecosystem continues to delve further into online connections, the Pokemon Company has followed suit by sharing Pokemon across games with more ease than ever before. The biggest example of this is Pokemon Home which is a necessary storage service for any Pokemon player. Yet, Pokemon Home has long struggled with manipulated Pokemon with better stats, and now some changes are being made.

The Pokemon Company announced that they will be taking a more active approach in detecting fraudulent Pokemon within Pokemon Home. The news came via the Pokemon Home app itself where the company addresses the new change.

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Yesterday, Pokemon Home saw a news update titled “Regarding Pokemon with Altered Attributes.” The post explains the implementation of a new anti-cheat measure that will prevent these Pokemon from being thrown into the Global Trade System. The post notes that Pokemon altered to have higher stats have caused issues with the system.


The Pokemon Company did not elaborate on what those Anti-Cheat measures would entail. The most obvious means is that Pokemon Home will begin to systematically check the validity of Pokemon stats. Should the attributes of a Pokemon exceed what is possible under normal rulesets in Pokemon Sword and Shield, then it will likely be flagged.

This news comes as Pokemon Home undergoes some necessary changes that fans have been asking for since the service launched in February. The recent 1.2.1 update added major quality of life improvements to Pokemon Home, and the new stance on hacked Pokemon is likely an extension.

This is also a measure to prevent the issue of players facing bans with hacked Pokemon, even if they were received through trade. The new announcement for Pokemon Home is likely in response to the ongoing problem with Pokemon Home being a big source of the issue.

Pokemon Home is now available for the Nintendo Switch, iOS, and Android.

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