PS4 Update 10.01 Makes A Surprise Drop

Shortly after the release of the major 10.00 update to the PS4 firmware, Sony soon after released a surprise update in the form of PS4 Update 10.01. This is by no means a major upgrade like the 10.00 patch that brought multiple new features to the interface. It is meant to be an incremental update that improves the performance of the system.

The update is 495MB in size for most PS4 consoles, and according to the changes listed on the console, this recent firmware update brings the following, “This system software update improves system performance.” This small change is expected from the console’s updates at this point in its life cycle, and the PS4 is expected only to receive incremental updates going forward. The final major 10.00 patch was released on September 7, and we do not expect a major update like that to arrive for the console anytime soon.

This is not a mandatory update for the PlayStation 4 to connect with the internet and play online so you aren’t required to download it in case you might have concerns about the safety of the update.

Playstation 4’s recent major update version 10.0 brought the following.

  • While using the Internet Browser, you can now select between two types of zoom functions.
  • “Zoom” lets you increase the size of the elements on the page while adjusting their layout so everything fits without having to scroll left and right.
  • “Magnify” increases the size of everything on the page without layout adjustments.
  • The maximum zoom/magnification rate is now 500%.
  • We’ve updated the following for Remote Play. It’s now easier to use the keyboard on your PC or Mac when using PS Remote Play.
  • We’ve removed the text entry box so you can use your keyboard to type directly onto your PS5 console or PS4 console.
  • In addition to typing, you can also now use the keyboard to control games that support it.

The PS4 10.01 firmware update is available for download today September 21.


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