Spelunky 2 Arrives on Steam “A Few Weeks” After PS4 Launch

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Mossmouth finally offered a release date for Spelunky 2 at Sony’s last State of Play. The roguelite platformer, which features a bunch of new characters, is out on September 15th for PS4. Creator Derek Yu said that the Steam version would arrive afterwards and has narrowed that window down further.

According to Yu on Twitter, the development team is looking to release the PC version “no later than a few weeks after” the PS4 launch. This would technically put the release somewhere in October. However, Yu promised another update “later this month.”

The Steam page for Spelunky 2 is currently live. In terms of what the sequel offers, fans can expect new areas, monsters and items along with an “extra dimension” behind the regular play space that could have treasure and other secrets. There are also multiple branching paths, new NPcs, changes to mechanics like shops, mounts and much more. You can even build a home at the base camp. Stay tuned for more details on the game in the coming weeks.

The Steam store page for #Spelunky2 is up! By wishlisting, you'll get notified as soon as it's available!

We're aiming to get the game out on Steam no later than a few weeks after our September 15th PS4 launch date. We'll have an update later this month!

— Derek Yu (@mossmouth) August 14, 2020

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