Stone age survival game Primitive announced


Publisher Ultimate Games and developer Games Box have announced Primitive, a new survival game set in the stone age.

The new stone age survival game is coming to Windows PC (via Steam), though a release date wasn’t announced.

Here’s a rundown on Primitive, plus a trailer:

Tens of thousands of years ago, when the world lived by the forces of nature, both Neanderthals and Sapiens (Homo sapiens) tried to survive thanks to their cunning and strength in the brutal reality of the Stone Age. They constantly improved their weapons, clothing, communication, and hunting strategies to survive in the conditions of every day, with extreme dangers lurking at every step.

Discover the endless, virgin lands untouched by the element of today’s world. Lands ruled by giant mammoths and smilodons – as beautiful as they are deadly.

Climb the ranks of the hierarchy of a group of hunters, learn to communicate, get resources, and create items that will help you in many activities, such as fighting, sheltering, healing, cooking, or creating new clothes thanks to which you will be able to discover new, diverse territories. From warm, green, lively areas through steppes, and misty wetlands to the land of mountains and ice.

Take care of both mental development and condition. Use it with a deadly arsenal and don’t get killed.


  • STONE AGE IN PRIMITIVE – Breathtaking views with photorealistic graphics using the potential of the latest graphics cards.
  • JOURNEY THROUGH AN AMAZING WORLD – Go on an amazing journey through the primeval world of the origins of humanity. Discover an original storyline enriched with random events and unforeseen twists.
  • LET’S DANGEROUS FIGHTING – Primitive’s beautiful yet hostile world guarantees a host of extremely dangerous situations. Including stealth and duels to death and life. Collect the necessary items and create new combat tools. Thanks to the enriched arsenal, you will face not only humanoids but also giant animals, gaining priceless food and raw materials.
  • ATMOSPHERE AND IMMERSION – Thanks to the Unreal 5 engine and beautiful, original 3D models, you will experience great time travel. Unlimited adventures, tactical gameplay elements, a flame of fire in a cave, plastic lighting, photorealistic vegetation, and mesmerizing water will make you feel … simply extraordinary.

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