Street Power Soccer gameplay trailer showcases panna matches


Street Power Soccer panna mode matches

A new Street Power Soccer gameplay trailer takes you into the ring for panna matches.

The trailer showcases trademark panna moves from the game’s roster of athletes. The video features panna stars from France, Germany, the Netherlands, and Denmark. They include Anas Boukami, Ahmed Rakaba, Kristoffer Liict, and Easyman.

I don’t know anything about panna, but the trailer indicates that you play in a small “cage” (really just an enclosure). The play is one-on-one and involves performing various tricks using on-screen prompts.

In addition to panna, the game features a roster of global freestyle and street soccer ambassadors. The roster includes Sean Garnier, Melody Donchet, Liv Cooke, Andrew Henderson, JaviFreestyle, Raquel Benetti, Daniel Got Hits, Yoanna Dallier, and more.

Street Power Soccer is coming on August 25 to PC via Steam, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch.

Watch the new gameplay trailer below!

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