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Neon Giant's first game, The Ascent, has just released, and it's an impressive first outing. Despite being developed by a small team of 11 people, the game has AAA visuals, exciting combat, and a fully realized cyberpunk world.

The Ascent is a diablo-like twin stick shooter action RPG. Players take on the role of a mercenary, once controlled by a mega corporation called The Ascent Group, and they have to navigate a violent power struggle after their employer's collapse. Players will spend over a dozen hours exploring The Ascent's world, completing missions, gathering gear, and upgrading their character.

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Some of the upgrade-able skills include a character's critical hit rate, their health, their reload speed, and their dodge cooldown. But there's a question that comes up for every game with RPG elements: Is it possible to respec a character? Or is a player stuck with every skill they choose, even if it's unhelpful?

Maybe their current skills aren't suited for a tough mission, or don't work well in The Ascent's co-op mode. Maybe a player just wants to experiment, or do a challenge run. Thankfully, The Ascent allows the player to reset their skills, although it comes at a cost.

Players first need to find a Grafter. These are marked on the map with a DNA helix symbol. Aside from resetting skills, players can buy and sell augmentations and modules from Grafters as well, so it's best to visit them frequently.

Once at the Grafter's, players should choose to go under surgery. This is how they manage their skills, augmentations, and character customization.

In the skills menu, there's a tab that says "Reset Skills" with a corresponding cost. If the player is able to afford it, they can click that button, and then they're free to re-spend their skill points on a different build.

Note that the cost to reset rises with every new skill. A person who only chose one skill will pay a pittance, while another who has half of them will be paying out the nose. That being said, money is easy to come by in The Ascent, especially if a player is keeping up with side quests, so they shouldn't worry too hard about the cost.

Still, it might be more useful to experiment with different weapons, augments, and modules before going through the effort of completely remaking a character. Resetting skills should be a last resort.

The Ascent is available now for PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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