The Medium – “Simultaneous Dual-Reality” Gameplay Showcased in New Screenshots

The Medium

Bloober Team has spoken quite a bit about how its Xbox Series X exclusive horror title The Medium wasn’t possible on current-gen hardware. Though one assumed this referred to the seamless transition between the different realities – physical and spiritual – it’s also about playing in both at the same time. New screenshots and details have appeared on the Microsoft Store detailing the same.

According to the listing, players will “solve dual-reality puzzles” and “explore two realities at the same time.” Both realities are displayed at the same time as players “unlock new paths” and “awaken memories of past events” (which should provide a new perspective on the tragedy at Niwa resort). Described as “never-seen before,” the gameplay mechanic been officially patented by Bloober Team and could explain the game’s sizable budget.

The Medium is currently in development for Xbox Series X and PC. Its dual-reality theme can also be seen in the soundtrack by legendary Silent Hill composer Akira Yamaoka and Layers of Fear composer Arkadiusz Reikowski. Stay tuned for more details on the title in the coming months.

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